Top 28+ Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

WordPress Slider Plugins

WordPress is heaven for everyone on the web since it is where most of the action takes places on the Internet. New WordPress plugins are available for use every day and to make their websites or blogs more efficient, people are using these plugins extensively. Free WordPress Slider Plugins are also quite popular these days since these plugins let the user install sliders into their blogs or websites.

Sliders are great for use on a website since they let you showcase the finer details of the website. For example, using the slider, you can show the main features of your site on the front page to grab the attention of anyone that clicks on the page.

There are plenty of Free WordPress Slider Plugins to choose from and it is likely that your one may not be the same as everyone else making you quite unique in the group.

Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

Slider plugins are great for adding functionality to the website since they can be used to display the content in an organized fashion. For example, most slider plugins come with the option of either adding small plugins for smaller things like little details about the site and larger plugins for the major features of the website.

Also, a lot of plugins come with the option of letting you choose the same style for every page on your website. For this, you do not have to choose it again and again and you can just choose the settings once to make it prominent on the whole website. Free WordPress Slider Plugins are extremely useful for people who have something to show.

These include people such as designers, decorators, and photographers since these people always need to have a gallery on their page. A gallery incorporated in the slider plugin can help to appeal to your visitors to turn them into potential buyers. Every kind of business or website can take advantage of these plugins. All you need to do is to use them in the right place in the right amount.

Advantages of Using WordPress Slider Plugins

These plugins can be used by all kinds of businesses. Even the new ones that have less investment and need to save every penny can use these plugins since they are completely free of charge. Also, they are quite easy to use as most of the work is already done for you and all you have to do is add the related content.

Also, the slider design makes the home page or any other page look quite attractive since all the information is not crammed up in one place. Instead, it is neatly organized and can be read easily by the visitor. We have listed some of the best free WordPress slider plugins for you to take advantage of. Choose the best one and you are good to go to the website.

J Slideshow


2J SlideShow Top Best

Accordion Slider


Accordion Slider Top Best

Slider WD


Awesome Free WordPress

Category Posts Slider Pro


Category Top Best

Cyclone Slider 2


Cyclone Slider Top Best

Easing Slider


Easing Top Best

Flex Slider 2


flexslider Top Best

Huge-IT Slider


huge it slider Top Best

Responsive Slider


Image Slider Top Best

Layer Slider


LayerSlider Top Best

Master Slider


Master Best Free



Meta Best Free

Meteor Slides


meteor Best Free

Huge-IT Responsive Slider


Responsive Best Free

Royal Slider


RoyalSlider Best Free

Slider By Supsystic


Slider by Supsystic Best Free

Slider Pro


Slider Pro Best Free

Slider Revolution


Slider Revolution Free WordPress

Image Slider


Slider Rich Free WordPress

Slider Slideshow Plugin


Slider Slideshow Free WordPress

Ultimate Slider


Slider Ultimate Free WordPress

Slider Video


Slider Video Free WordPress



Slider WD Free WordPress

Smart Slider 3


Smart Slider Free WordPress

Smooth Slider


Smooth Slider Free WordPress

Soliloquy Lite


soliloquy Free WordPress

Ultimate Responsive


Ultimate Free WordPress

Wp 1 Slider


WP Free WordPress

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