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Designing a house is a need that you may have when dealing with new construction, a renovation or interior design. In particular, the serious and professional interior design is carried out by professionals in the sector such as architects and interior designers.

Today, the architect or interior designer will be able to perform a 3D interior design with a drawing program with graphic results that will help the client from the first visual impact with the interior project in question.

Thanks to the technology and evolution of 3D home design, online interior design is increasingly being used where the professional, who owns his own on-site technical studio, also become an online architect.

Online architects, who do not have their own website, usually collaborate with online interior design portals, see for example different authoritative websites, where professionals can receive interior design assignments from all over the world.

Designing a house, or rather, interior design is therefore a profession because you have to take of many things like the house design, the House cleaning, and many other things. The design art are intended for experts in the sector, in order to avoid obtaining poor results with a waste of time and money.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting

If we have a new house to furnish, if we have to renovate the house or face a renovation, before relying on professionals in the sector, having clear ideas about the interior design is basic.

If we are not experts in interior design, we certainly cannot know all the aspects of how to design a house and how the interior design project will be carried out.

question to ask yourself

We must, therefore, to have clear ideas immediately, even if we do not know the dynamics of home design, ask ourselves some questions about what we would actually like to achieve as a final result based on our needs.

The main questions to ask that we should answer to help the interior designer are:

  • Why do I want an interior project, what are my needs / requirements?
  • Do I want an interior design for the whole house or just for some room (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, tavern, etc.)?
  • Do I know the dimensions of the rooms? Do I have the house plan?
  • Do I have particular elements or structures that will influence the interior design (pre-existing fixed furniture, pillars in “uncomfortable” positions, stairs, etc.)?
  • Do I have a favorite style of furniture (classic, modern, minimal, Shabby Chic, etc.) and am I sure that it pleases me and all the occupants of the home interior?
  • Do I know the colors I really like and the ones I would like to avoid for walls and furniture?
  • Do I have the budget available for the interior architect to design home furnishings?

In summary, before contacting a professional, you must carefully read the above questions and already have an answer for everything. We can write them down on a spreadsheet and maybe call it “create your home”.

How to Choose the Perfect Design Design

As we have already said, if we are not experts in the sector and do not know how to design a house, it is inevitable that we have to rely on an interior design professional, be it an architect or an interior designer.

We also said that the online architect is in fact the same professional that we will find in a classic technical studio and that designing a house online or rather the interior of a house is an operation that can be easily performed even remotely.

It will be important, remember, to retrieve the floor plan of the house and deliver it to the technician with the correct measurements, as the online interior designer usually does not perform the inspection.

To obtain an interior project with online design, relying on a real professional you will need to contact an interior design portal, making sure that it has been authoritative, safe and online for several years, demonstrating its reliability.

If, on the other hand, we wanted to opt for a professional from a classic technical office but did not know anyone, just perform a search on Google with keywords such as: interior design Milan, interior design Rome, interior design Turin, interior design Bologna, etc.

This advice is to be considered valuable. Free interior design does not exist just as there is no free online interior design.

When you search the web about online interior design, you may come across sites or (fake) professionals that offer free 3D interior design and free online interior design services.

The whole thing is pure science fiction or madness, but any intelligent person would figure it out for themselves.

Which professional registered in an order/register would carry out home projects for free? Nobody!

After years of study and sacrifices, with a technical study, daily expenses, taxes to pay … Would you use your time to design home interiors without any compensation?

Certainly not and surely those who offer similar services only need to have your attention or receive your data for other purposes and not to “give you” free advice.

That said, be careful and stay away from those who offer you free design services.

Draw 3 D: Home Furnishing Program

If you want to have fun and build your 3D house you can always try the different home design programs available online.

A home design program will allow non-experts to have fun with the software while improvising as an interior designer.

It is important to underline, improvising, just for fun in an online home project.

Designing a 3D house for fun is in fact an excellent pastime that will allow us to come up with ideas on what could be missing from our REAL interior project that a true professional will have to create as in interior design it takes very little to waste time and money.

This article with the main guidelines for interior design is intended to be an information aid for those who need to design, renovate, furnish or renovate a home.

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