7 Packaging Design Elements for Winner Brands

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When you are planning to start-up a business and one thing which will pop up in your priority list in this pandemic is its branding through packaging design. The preferences of people have changed in COVID-19 and yes as it said new normal will going to stay with us forever while people have become more aware of what they are purchasing and consuming.

Virtual shopping is in boom with contactless deliveries; hence this makes us think seriously that now one thing which will communicate with your audience is packaging design.

A lot of you must have checked out on Google about what are mandatory elements that should be displayed on product packaging design to increase visibility followed by sales.

DesignerPeople as an expert packaging design agency from the last 17+ years lot of clients also curiously ask us about this. Hence, we thought why not make an article and enrich your knowledge without spending bulks.

We will be happy if this information will successfully create any impact on your business: Let us get started with “7 elements displayed on successful packaging design”.

Packaging now has become a primary vehicle for communication and branding tools where the packaging is crucial in purchasing decisions at the point of sale, which then plays the role of a salesman on the retail shelf.

Various elements in packaging are required to include according to the legislative and regulatory requirements.

1. Clarity and Consistency  

When we call a brand, it carries a lot of responsibility with it, and it should be a priority to make sure to be aligned with its predetermined courses of plans and actions in short “Brand guidelines”.

Packaging elements such as color, images, font, story everything is consistent with all the other platforms of the brand. When you visit any supermarket, you not always have ample time to pick each product and check what it is?

As there are massive numbers of the same effects on the shelf with different brand names, so make sure your packaging is not alien in-crowd. We have heard to be distinct, but that does not mean creating confusion stay simple to stay comfortable with customers.

As a result, we now have a trend where products avoid over-the-top explanations and emphasize just the main ingredients. The minimal elements and new connotation remain driving factors in the purchase decision-making for consumers.

The main USP should highlight, logo, bold font, brand name, product name, simple images, and clear brand message is good to go. If you plan to add all assuming it will tell more about your brand it’s a mistake you are doing stay away from crowed information and congested feel and emotion on packaging design.

Clarity and Consistency packaging design

 2. Brand Story             

According to Neuromarketing research, short stories on packaging will have a positive impact on consumer’s behavioral intentions and responses, especially on FMCG products compared to non-story packaging.

Stories can be short 100 words creative content on the back of the packaging or overall graphical representation of the purpose of the brand or its USP. It can be farm to fresh,

Organic made, how it all started, unique processes, traditional heritage or any memories which will connect emotionally in the heart of customers.

According to the behavioral economist, Daniel Kahneman, it’s the memory of the experiences that drive the decision, not the experience itself.

Short brand story, specifically with a cheerful ending, the brand experience will be stored as a positive memory for future reference.

Example: Maggi, parle, Rasna are all touching the points of nostalgic and attracting customers towards their brand.   

zenko snacks brand story                                    

3.Visual Elements

The visual aspects of packaging design are having an association with consumer’s mindset wherein the colour draws 84% of customer attention, 47% font, 46% images and 47% for shape.

Colour seems to be the most potent visual elements that can change people’s moods quickly

For instance, perfumers know that an appropriate colour is a quick way to establish an appealing fragrance.

So within the design process, designers should focus on conveying feelings and emotions on the basis to the shapes of different products. The square shapes will represent the sense of stability while circular shapes are perceived more as complete or perfect.

It is said that larger portions are often associated with higher social status, and people may choose more massive amounts when they feel powerless and want to affirm themselves.

It is common for retail brands to remain faithful to solid, bold colours and pictograms to spur consumer’s interest in a product’s package.

Material semantics describes the communication of texture, materials and the fabric information of products packaging.

As the packaging market is a highly competitive place, the actual packaging design has become as significant role to play.

visual element packaging design

4.Brand Message Strategy

Brand positioning is a separate statement which gives a reason for your target audience to buy your products over other brands.

Brand positioning if correctly aligned with packaging design it will provide you below advantages.

  • It will help you to build brand identity in your Niche
  • Add competitive advantage over other brands
  • Target correct target market, audience and location
  • Helps achieve companies financial goals

Example: Kotak Mahindra positions itself in the customer’s mind as one entity- “Kotak”- which is acts as on-stop for all your financial service needs. It says “”. The positioning you choose for your brand will be influenced by the competitive space you want to adopt.

consistant brand message

5.Value Proposition (USP/Benefits)

Packaging design traditionally has a logo, brand name on box or pouch, but today modern designs always ensure product value communication along with sustaining aesthetic feature. The packaging design should communicate products USP and get value across clearly and persuasively.

Justifying the brand’s value through its product packaging design creates an additional level of demand for the product. Seek into a deeper level of consumer insight attractive package designs will successfully capture a consumer’s minds toward the development and beyond its functional use.

A brand can offer value proposition based on its categories such as can be vegan, organic, natural, full fat, dairy-free, no preservative and many more.


CCD- A lot can happen over a cup of coffee

Starbucks- Affordable luxury

Costa Beans- Coffee with best coffee beans

Barista – Finest Italian and Arabica coffees and cuisine at great value prices

Emotional Value

6.Brand Personality

It acts as a significant impact on the tone and voice used in your packaging design and other communications platforms. If a personality is not discovered, then customers will get mixed messages and have trouble connecting with your brand.

Make sure the trait of your brand is researched based on its target audience and positioning. If it is urban, modern, affordable, rugged, earthy, funny, mature should be decided to align graphics, colours, font, story and overall mood emotion of packaging design.

Example- Mc Donalds Happy meals packaging is targeting kids; hence its packaging elements are inspired with fun, humour and exciting for kids.

7.Shelf Appeal 

The packaging design should satisfy the visual appeal even when it kept in the shelves of the supermarket, which retailers call it a shelf impact. It is said that if, as a consumer invest his time looking at the product for more than 3 secs on the shelf, then 60% probability shows that he might end up buying the product. Source

The package design elements should engage consumers emotionally, and there is nothing more potent than eye contact. The packaging should have meaningful and memorable hence iconic across the marketing communication.


Attractive and meaningful packaging design will always motivate people to encourage taking impulsive choices and leaves the buyer with a feeling of having been rewarded. For developing that intuitive and impulsive all creative packaging design features must be chosen to make the packaging design stand out and grab the attention of the target audience.

Hence it is clear that both the designer and the marketer should focus on communicating a brand message to the consumer’s emotions and mind and DesignerPeople an expert packaging agency can do it effectively.

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