42+ Responsive HTML Landing Page Templates 2021

html responsive landing page

We are living in a time where everything is online. Whether it is a business or a discussion, everything is dealt with online. Taking advantage of this cyber networking across the globe, many businesses and companies have expanded their physical offices to their cyber offices. What this means is that businesses are trying to make their presence online more sure and effective for the growth of their business.

To market a product or to make the customers aware of your new product, it is essential to have HTML Landing Page Templates for your website. By using these templates, you can make your websites more favorable in terms of getting traffic and impressing customers.

Responsive HTML Landing Page Templates

Regardless of whichever kind of business you are operating or which kind of product you are trying to bring out to the world, having a good template is necessary. Using the chic and classic designs of these templates, anyone can bring more traffic to their website or make customers engaged in the content of the website. Most of these templates are completely pre-made which means that you have to do nothing except adding the content of your website.

This is a great incentive for entrepreneurs or those businesses which have just started up. During the beginning days, a company or business does not have sufficient resources for web development.

However, since the web presence is extremely important, no business can ignore its functionality. For this, it is quite a blessing that these templates are available for the help of the user. While the premium templates come at a set cost, others are free. Some templates come free of cost with premium features costing money.

These templates are quite beneficial for those people who are looking to market their apps. The templates come with different background themes and colors, depending on the content and the images in the foreground. With such responsive landing pages, you can ensure the greater presence of your audience on the website.

These HTML Landing Page Templates offer greater functionality for the users since they also have the added benefit of being compatible with mobile devices such as phones and tablets. As most of the customers access the internet through their phones, this is a great option for them and ultimately for you too.

Features of HTML Landing Page Templates

These landing page templates will make more people come to your website. The sleek design of these templates tends to attract the customers. In this way, it can boost the sales of the marketed product or the download rate in case of a landing page for an app. They also come with additional features like Newsletters and email options.

This lets you interact with your customers and make them aware of any new deal or product that you are introducing to the market. Thus, every developer and marketer needs to use these templates to get the best results in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.

We have made a long list of such templates for you to choose from. Keeping the theme of your website in mind, you can scroll through this list and choose the template that you think compliments your website.


Demo Download

Crossway Template


Demo Download

Air HTML Landing Page



Demo Download

app landing Page HTML Landing Page


Demo Download

Appreative HTML Landing Page


Demo Download

Appster HTML Landing Page

A & W

Demo Download

Aw HTML Landing Page

Business App


Business App HTML Landing Page


Demo Download

Cloud Responsive HTML Landing


Demo Download

Digy Responsive HTML Landing



Drink Product Responsive HTML Landing


Demo Download

Duo HTML5 Responsive HTML Landing


Demo Download

EduTime Responsive HTML Landing


Demo Download

EventLand Responsive HTML Landing


Demo Download

Flat Tool Responsive HTML Landing



Flexapp Responsive HTML Landing


Demo Download

Free Landing Page Template

Gotte Multipurpose Landing Page

Demo Download

Gotte Page Template

Medialoot Landing Page


HTML Page Page Template


Demo Download

hype Page Template


Demo Download

kane Page Template


Demo Download

Katemi Page Template

Landing Page


Landing Page Page Template


Landing Zero

Demo Download

landingzero Responsive HTML


Demo Download

Land Off Page Template


Demo Download

Legend Landing Page



meetup Landing Page


Demo Download

Mobileapp Landing Page


Demo Download

Notebook Landing Page


Demo Download

NRG Landing Page

Off The Shelf

Demo Download

Off the Shelf Landing Page


Demo Download

OnEvent HTML Landing


Demo Download

Plaza HTML Landing


Demo Download

Pluto HTML Landing

Responsive Product Page Template

Demo Download

Product Page HTML Landing


Demo Download

SaptaApp HTML Landing


Demo Download

Slander Responsive HTML

Slide Landing Page

Demo Download

Slide Responsive HTML


Demo Download

Snow Responsive HTML


Demo Download

Startup Responsive HTML

Stylio App

Demo Download

Stylio Responsive HTML



Demo Download

Umbrella Responsive HTML


Demo Download

Value Responsive HTML

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