7 Signs a Copywriting Career is Right For You

7 Signs a Copywriting Career is Right For You

I wrote with the passion that only a 17-year-old girl, months away from escaping the confines of her small, boring town, can have. 

“In ten years,” I wrote, “I’ll be living in a van in the middle of Texas, finding work where I can get it, and living from moment to moment.”

I won’t lie: I failed the assignment.

But I didn’t fail myself.

Ten years later, as I promised myself, I lived in a campervan in Texas, working as a freelance copywriter, making money from my new hometown of Austin or wherever I felt like being that week.

And it was wonderful.

It still is.

But now, instead of freelance copywriting, I own and operate a full-fledged copywriting agency where I hire writers who crave the same idealistic laptop lifestyle. 

A copywriting career didn’t just change my life. It helped me create it. 

And it can do the same for you.

Maybe I’m a bit biased, but here are 7 signs you should consider a career in copywriting:

Time Independence

Time Independence

When you have a successful career in freelance copywriting, you are more than a freelancer. 

You’re a brand owner so you might benefit from creating a copywriting portfolio. And as such, you are in control of your own destiny.

Sounds corny, I know. 

But it’s true. 

Not only are you in charge of your future, but, more specifically, the hours in the day belong to you.  You’re no longer working for someone else. How you choose to fill your day is completely up to you.

So, if you want to spend 3 hours working and lounging on the beach in the afternoon, you got it. 

If you get that zest of creative inspiration at 3 AM, nothing stops you from diving deep into your copywriting work. 

Of course, some guidelines will help you make the most out of your working day when you’re a freelance copywriter. Letting the day run away with you can be all too easy. 

But the key is that it’s all down to you, your project management, and your schedule. 

Location Independence

Location Independence

Work when you like, where you like. 

If you want to create direct response copywriting for a client while sipping margaritas on a sandy beach, you can.

If you want to write a series of emails in a campervan in Texas like me, you can. 

Unlike many careers, copywriting allows you to work wherever you want. No locational limitations. The possibilities are endless.

Travel around the world while building a copywriting business and killing it. What’s not to love? 

Financial Control

Unlike a traditional 9-5 role, you’re no longer capped at your monthly income when you head out into the freelance copywriting sphere. 

Sure, you may have received a bonus or two. You may have worked overtime and raked in a few extra dollars per month. 

But, wen you’re a copywriter, you have no fixed ceiling. 

Your income can be as tall or as small as you make it.

The point is: you’re not limited to an agreed monthly or annual salary. 

Despite so many people believing a career in copywriting is risky, the reality is that you’re finally in control of your finances. 

You’re an Introvert

Introverts, by their nature, make great writers. This extends to copywriters, too.


Because you hardly ever need to socialize.

And when you do, it’s generally through the Internet. 

To be a great copywriter, you should understand people and have excellent research skills. But, unlike many other roles, you don’t need to be an extrovert who thrives in a team environment. 

You Like Structure AND Creativity

While authors, poets, and playwrights create the word art, copywriters use creativity and structure. Good copywriting is assembled rather than innovated. 

Copywriting is a delicate combination of business acumen, creative flair, and psychology. 

The structure this offers means you’ll need to leverage your creative nature to deliver a wordy punch.

You’re Gifted With Words

Of course, to become a writer of any kind, you need to be able to write. 

Yes, copywriting does offer structure and creativity, but there needs to be an undeniable thirst and love for the English language (or whatever language you’re writing in). 

Copywriting pushes you to write with purpose. I mean that every word needs to have a reason for being there. 

With prose and other forms of creative writing, you have more leeway to write descriptive, poetic art. Copywriting, however, is all about punchy clarity. 

It pays to be able to write simply. But simple writing does not mean easy writing. It’ll take practice and dedication.

But if you have a natural way with words, you’re getting a decent head start on becoming a freelance copywriter. 

You Understand Human Psychology

Copywriting is any form of writing used to convert – to persuade. This comes in all shapes and sizes. From words on a website to marketing emails to sales pages and product descriptions. Because of the aim to persuade human beings, it’s important to know how people think. 

You don’t need to be a psychology graduate. However, if you’re looking to get into a career in copywriting, you should brush up on the basics of psychology – specifically buyer psychology. 

Freelance Copywriting: Is It The Career For Me? 

I’ll be honest with you:

Being a copywriter was the best decision I ever made. 

Because copywriting is the greatest career in the world. But I get that it’s not for everyone. 

If you show a handful of the 7 signs I mentioned in this article, then freelance copywriting is calling your name. 

Listen carefully! And when you’re ready to go for it, make sure you do your research. Take a few copywriting courses, and set a clear goal before you start. 

I promise you: you won’t look back. 

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