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Top 40+ Best Pattern & Texture Packs for Photoshop

Best Pattern Texture Packs for Photoshop

You can have the best camera in the world and the most remarkable eye for the picture perfect moment but Photoshop is where most of your magic takes place. It is the place where all photographs go from ordinary to extraordinary. There are a lot of Photoshop features that are used much more than others. These include Effects and filters mainly.

Recently, the trend of adding a dramatic look to the pictures is gaining some popularity. This is why Texture Packs for Photoshop have become a necessity for all photographers and people who are in any way connected to Photoshop.

A texture pack contains different kinds of texture. Textures add a little story to your image and they can speak volumes about the picture if used properly. For example, most greyscale pictures have a little bit of a texture to give the picture a grungy effect and make it look absolutely dramatic. That pictures seems to come to life with such a minor change.

Best Texture Packs for Photoshop

It is no surprise that photographers love texture packs. They are very functional when it comes to portrait photography. Black and white texture packs are the most common since they are extensively used for greyscale images.

Also, vintage texture packs are also available. These add a vintage touch to your pictures and even though the picture is taken in the 21st century, the picture looks something from the 20th.

There are also overlay textured such as dust free overlay textures. These textures instantly make a picture attractive by adding more appeal and drama to the picture. A photo that looks pretty simple before use of a texture tends to be filled with an emotion and vibe after the addition of a texture. Graphic designers put this to good use and you would often see the use of texture quite a lot in those pictures that are taken for any project.

How to Use Texture Packs for Photoshop

You can use texture in every picture if you want. You just need to learn how to use it properly. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and written ones on Google where you can get tips on how to use texture and what kind of pictures go with a certain kind of texture.

If you are taking pictures of a project or your portrait model wants to get a different kind of pictures, you can use texture. For example, using a concrete background texture can change the composition of the whole picture entirely.

We have listed few of the best and most used texture packs for Photoshop below. You can choose any one of these that goes with your style and use it in your pictures to make your pictures stand out from a stack of pictures. A little experimenting can teach you some major tricks to make your pictures absolutely stunning. So, scroll down and get the texture pack that you need for your pictures.

Dark Texture Packs


Awesome Texture Pack

8 Background Texture


Background Pattern Texture

6 Vintage Textures


Big Texture Pack

Caos Texture Pack


Caos Texture Pack

Card Stock Paper Texture


cardstock Pack for Photoshop

Concrete Textures


Concrete Pack for Photoshop

Free Texture Pack Volume 1


Dark Pack for Photoshop

Dark Textures Pack


Dark Texture Pack

6 Dirty Grunge Texture


Dirty Grunge Best Pattern

10 Free Dust Dirt Overlay Textures


Dust Dirt Pattern Texture

Film Grain Textures


Film Grain Texture Pack

6 Fine Wood Textures

A set of natural wood textures in high resolution.its perfect for printing project and digital works.


Fine Wood Best Pattern

Free abstract Seamless Pattern

The beautiful abstract collection which comes in 3 different textures style.


Free Abstract Pack for Photoshop

Free Pattern


Free Patterns Pack for Photoshop

8 Free Photo Texture


Free Photo Pattern Texture

7 Glitter Textures


Glitter Best Pattern

10 Gritty Textures

Grab this collection of textures which make your photo or illustrations design more unique. just pick a random design and drop on your creative artwork you can easily change colors and style totally depend on photo looks.


Gritty Pattern Texture

Grunge Textures Pack

Get a grunge or vintage feel on photos these are set of grunge textures, you can also change color by HUE/saturation effect in photoshop


Grunge Best Pattern Texture

Free Grunge Textures

As a designer, you know that unique texture plays key role in stunning look in different design. textures are major ingredients in the greeting card, backgrounds or wallpapers.


Grunge Pack for Photoshop

10 Free Grunge Textures


Grunge Pattern Texture

Halftone Patterns


Halftone Texture Pack

Free Hand Drawn Pattern


hand drawn Pack for Photoshop

20 Wood Textures


HIGH RES WOOD Pack for Photoshop

10 Intense Dramatic Textures

Searching for dramatic look texture these are the best dramatic texture pack can be used in a different dramatic poster, website, music, graphics project.


Intense Dramatic Pattern Texture

Light Subtle Textures


Light And Subtle Pattern Texture

10 Marble Textures

A new set of marble real textures in gray tones.these are in high resolution can be used in different projects package desiging, website desiging, wallpapers.


Marble Pattern Texture

7 Mulberry Paper Textures


Mulberry Best Pattern

Organic Vector Textures

A unique collection of the handcrafted texture pack. which come flexible size you don’t need to worry about size these are high-quality project files which can be used in greeting cards, logos, media work, and as a background.


Organic Vector Best Pattern Texture

7 Plywood Textures


Plywood Pattern Texture

Polished Wood Textures


Subtle Best Pattern Texture

10 Tileable Paper Patterns


Tileable Seamless Texture Pack

21 Free Vector Seamless Patterns


Vector Seamless Texture Pack

Victorian Grunge


Victorian Grunge Best Pattern Texture

Vintage Grunge Texture Pack


Vintage Best Pattern Texture

10 Free Vintage Textures Pack


Vintage Pack for Photoshop

5 Vintage Paper Textures


Vintage Paper Best Pattern

6 Vintage Wood Textures


Vintage Wood Best Pattern

6 Watercolor Textures


Watercolor Best Pattern

10 Free Subtle Grunge Textures


White Subtle Pattern Texture

Wood Patterns


Wood Best Pattern

12 Wood Textures Packs


Wood Texture Pack

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